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Achievements – Education Sector (SATYA Group)
(Business Promotion-Admissions):

  • Mr. Amrik Singh is a brilliant professional who has a diverse and rich experience in the fields of Education, KPO, Indian Business Houses and Social Outreach. The Education industry is blessed to have an adept worker like Mr. Singh who has managed to generate an overwhelming response to various initiatives of the pathbreaking Satya Group, including its Job Fairs for students. Mr. Singh has transformed the state of the SIMT-Noida campus by spearheading the initiative to grow the number of admissions, while also focusing on creating a strong network across states like Bihar and Jharkhand.

  • Mr. Singh is an accomplished senior executive, who was awarded the “Employee of the Year with EXL” in 2002, has made various contributions to the KPO industry. His quality improvement and cost saving initiatives to 6 KPOs led to the gradual improvement of the entire company’s performance even for a large organization like EXL.
  • Mr. Singh has made a great impact on the education industry by showcasing a great business promotion success with SGI, which now hosts a considerable 90% of the total allocated seats. Mr. Singh has demonstrated that he is a very successful CEO with great managerial as well as administrative skills.

  • Mr. Singh’s vision is to help SGI evolve as one of the top educational institutions in India. To achieve this, he has organized the various departments - Fiscal, HR, Marketing and Media Relations to become laser-focused on the vision of making SGI as one of the best in India, while he acts as the link between the government and the SGI board to help cultivate a rich culture of development and education.