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Education Sector

Education Sector

Chief Executive Officer
Promoted from August 2014 onwards

SGI (Satya Group of Institutions) is a 10 year old institution situated at National Highway-2, 72km stone, Mathura Road, Palwal Haryana.  SGI is an AICTE approved Institution and affiliated to M.D. University, Rohtak. SGI is running full time programs in B.Tech (Engineering), Management (MBA & BBA), Diploma and M.Tech.  2200 students are enrolled in these full time programs and approximately 1600 students have successfully graduated with flying colours.

Roles and Responsibilities as CEO
As CEO playing multifarious roles:

– Administrative roles

  • Link between Governing Body and Institution administrators


  • Work in partnership with the board; support the governing role of the board
  • Ensure that board policies are up to date and followed
  • Leading the Organization


  • Enabling positive work structure along with providing effective leadership by leading the team with example modelling integrity, vision, and ethical behaviour.
  • Establishing and growing Distributive Leadership pattern- that clearly delineates responsibility and authority
  • Encourage all round participation in policy development and decision making
  • Lead and manage a visionary and comprehensive planning and implementation process
  • Build and manage cohesive environment for quick and effective decision making processes leading to improved results & efficiency.
  • Handhold for smooth reporting and communication channels
  • Establish and enforce administrative procedures (SOPs) for each area of Institution operations.
  • Achievement of institutional goals at Micro as well as Macro level
  • Creating leaders, encourage performers and counsel laggards to contribute in the growth of the institution
  • Fiscal Affairs


  • Present the Budget to the Management and alert about significant changes, if any
  • Develop procedures that ensure prudent expenditures and accounting processes which are efficient while adhering to Legal Laws, board policies and auditing principles
  • Monitor income, expenditure and cash flow
  • Monitor adherence to procedures for expending and accounting for funds
  • Fund Raising and Grants
  • Lead and administer various fundraising efforts, including the foundation and asset management activities
  • Human Resources


  • Ensure that personnel recruitment and hiring processes are Fair, legal and comply with laws
  • Staff manuals and handbooks are drafted to express rules and regulations and code of conduct
  • Encourage Faculty development and staff recognition programs
  • Develop motivation and team building programmes for staff
  • Community Involvement


      • Maintain links with business, government and community leaders
      • Leading programs that fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility
      • Being the face of Institution in Community
      • Build community support and recognition for the institution
      • Encourage partnership programs with local and international institutions
  • Marketing and Media Relations


  • Managing various admission & information offices in Kashmir, North East, Bihar and other places
  • Ensuring successful achievement of admission targets from every admission office
  • Establish and administer comprehensive public relations operations
  • Ensure the accuracy and quality of communication to public
  • Undertake Brand building and Public relations and marketing efforts
  • Legislative Relations


  • Inform the Management about major laws and regulations including changes
  • Ensure that administrative procedures exist and are followed to comply with law and regulation
  • Growth and Expansion


  • Advising the management on upcoming trends in Education sector
  • Planning and establishment of new courses as an expansion plan

– Academic roles

  • Link between Institution and Regulatory Board/University


  • Ensuring timely compliance of all the regulations within stipulated time
  • Academic policy


  • Ensuring adoption of innovative and smart ways to deliver quality education
  • Effective and timely planning of academic calendar every semester
  • Monitor the delivery of educational program
  • Monitor the pace of course coverage along with student feedback
  • Devising the improvement plans for weak students
  • Assessments and Evaluation policies and practices
  • Training & Placements


      • Assessment of current industry needs to bridge the gap between Industry and Academics
      • Ensure that students receive adequate training, opportunity and exposure in their chosen area of skill and talent.
      • Ensure that student achievements are appropriately recorded and recognized
  • Build a strong alumni association
  • Recording the videos of alumni briefing their experience while going through the selection process in various companies assisting junior batches to prepare themselves accordingly
  • Ensuring regular Industry interaction & exposure to students in every semester
  • Creating as many as placement opportunities as possible
  • Organizing Job Fairs
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Students


  • Organizing Conclaves, Seminars, Business Plan competitions through NSTEDB to promote Entrepreneurship
  • In the process of setting up Entrepreneurship Cell in our Institution with the funding assistance from NSTEDB under Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Aim to set up an in house Incubation Centre to promote Business Ideas of students

Dy. Director (Admissions, Training & Placements)
Satya Group of Institutions – Palwal, Faridabad (HR)
April – 2011 to July 2014

Being the Dy. Director (Admissions and Training & Placements) following were the responsibilities:


It is one of the very challenging jobs for private colleges and same is applicable for this institution also. SGI was established in year 2008 and is successfully running programs in Engineering (B. Tech & M. Tech), Management (MBA & BBA) and Diploma programs. With my involvement in the role of In-Charge in admissions, SGI’s progress has been exponential.

Reason for this extra ordinary performance had been because of immaculate planning followed by micro management of the same, which included the following:

  • Identifying potential areas of business
  • Identifying various avenues to generate business
  • Strategically Planning to mobilize admissions from Pan-India
  • Setup of PAN-India network
  • Micro-Management and Control of Network
  • Close eye on scenario with flexible implementation approach

Training & Placements:

Admissions in any college are directly related to its placement activities and track record. Keeping this in mind I requested for this portfolio too and was happily offered the same by the management, based on my past performances.

Some of the Placement related result oriented activities are as follows:

  • Strategic planning to ensure maximum placements.
  • Tie-up with Top-Management and HR heads of reputed small/medium and large scale industries.
  • Arranged Guest Lectures from the Prominent Industry People
  • Arrange Industrial Tour of the students to various industries like Infosys, Honda, Wipro, JCB, BATA etc.
  • Organized First Mega Job Fair in association with HT-Shine in 2012
  • Organized Second Mega Job Fair in 2013 with HT-Shine.
  • Companies like HCL, Tech-Mahindra, Genpact, Modicare, Capgemini etc were the major participant.


Launch of SAIB (Satya Academic and Industry Bridge) Centre:

As the T&P Head of SGI’s SAIB Centre, analyzed and addressed a big gap between academic curriculum and latest requirement of industry. To bridge that gap, SGI had launched SAIB Centre in Greater Noida with the vision to develop SAIB Centre in a profit making centre also.

SGI students are required to visit SAIB Centre for 15 days every semester so as to be trained on latest industry trends. Following activities are taking place in SAIB Centre to transform young engineers into technical work force of the country:

  • Identifying various scopes in each Engineering branch.
  • Identifying latest industry requirement in those areas
  • Meeting the business heads/Industry Seniors for these purposes
  • Inviting the industry representatives to SAIB Centre for guest lecture and share their industry experience
  • Planning roadmap for those trainings
  • Inviting trainers from the industry to train students on latest industry trends
  • Inviting companies for campus placements
  • Developing business plan to turn SAIB into profitable venture


Previous Experience:

Since November 2006 – SATYA Institute of Management & Technology (SIMT) - Noida

SIMT is promoted by Kathuria Group and is running MBA and BBA programs since 2007. Since its inception, I have been associated with the management and been performing following activities in the capacity of Project Head:

  • Setting up of the Institute.
  • Obtaining Affiliation from University while handling the compliance.
  • Strategic planning and management of Marketing and admissions.
  • Building up strong network in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, J&K which are the major source of students.
  • Addressing seminars in colleges.
  • Hiring of faculty members and their management.
  • Ensuring Timely completion of syllabus.
  • Effective use of resources to manage costing.
  • Training and Placement activities.
  • Other Activities – Industrial Visits, summer trainings, recreation tours etc.
  • Complete overall management of the organization.